Hello Dance Teacher & Studio Owner,

After 35 years as a Certified Dance Instructor, I decided that it was time to compile all of my time-tested and proven creative dance lesson curriculum and dance studio business management plans into a comprehensive lesson plan kit that absolutely ANY dance teacher -- new or experienced -- can successfully use to:

As I'm sure you already know, constantly thinking up fresh and creative ways to present new creative dance curriculum to children can be time-consuming, -- particularly given the hectic schedule most dance teachers and studio owners already keep!

So after giving it some careful thought, and after many requests from fellow dance teachers, I've finally decided to reveal EVERYTHING I've learned over the past 35 years so the newest or the most experienced dance teachers can take my lesson plans and inject new enthusiasm and excitement into their dance classes, while managing a successful studio.

I've put together two complete Kits for step by step lesson plans and studio management package for you:

Teaching Dance Kit #1 - dance lesson plan package for combination classes of ballet, jazz, & tap


Kit #2 - for singular form classes of ballet or jazz or tap.

If you're a dance teacher whose primary focus is teaching ballet, tap, jazz, or gymnastics and you would like a detailed breakdown of exactly what's included in these two dance lesson plan kits, each a 400 plus page package, click the menu link to teaching kit 1 & 2.

Either lesson plan kit will provide you with years of quality teaching! These teaching dance kits provide you with comprehensive dance class syllabus or lesson plans for ballet, jazz, and tap (gymnastics is included with the Pre Dance volume only), whether you primarily teach combination classes OR focus classes. Also included both kits is an all important, extensive volume of dance studio business and management plans.

When ordering either TEACHING DANCE KIT you'll also receive four exciting, special bonuses:

  1. One set of colorful laminated Pantomime Cards.
  2. The" Star Program" home practice motivational package.
  3. A CD with technique music to the six ballet programs for the pre-dance classes.
  4. Notes and ideas for seven years of recital themes!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All dance lessons and course written syllabi are presented in attractive, durable three-ring binders that increase long-term use. As well, each individual lesson page is encased in an archival plastic sheath, so that they may be easily removed from the binder for use during class time without any worry about damaging them!

Obviously, your time is a valuable commodity; however, by adding my tried and true methods to your own, you will find that extra time to develop your advanced classes.

Let's face it... As teachers, we teach for the love of dance. And that's what these dance lesson plans are offering you and your students -- excellent, long-term, exciting, "love to teach" classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Gymnastics.

If you have any questions about these lesson plan packages or what they include, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 707-824-1742, or by e-mail at and I'd be happy to speak with you personally.

All the best,

Margot Torbert

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