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Pre Dance Tap  Presented to the four to six year olds, we begin class using one of a themed program such as: "Follow the Leader", "Center", and others. By rotating the different programs monthly, this takes the young students for a lively tap time with fun dances, song, and games. Included with this section is one deck of 24 hand-drawn laminated pantomime cards.

Beginning Dance Tap Introducing basic counting of music, foot exercises and sounds, stretching, tap vocabulary, movements across the floor plus more. Included in are tap dances as well as written tap steps learned in class, pictures, and puzzles for home practice.

Level One Tap Warmup technique, sounds and tempo have increased. Center floor practice will introduce rhymic sequences, time steps, waltz clogs, to name a few. Simple tap turns across the floor are added. 

Level Two Tap  The basics from the past years tap should be second nature at this point. More complex techniques and faster tempos are in store. 


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 Beginning Jazz For students ages 7 through 12, This material will extend throughout a dance year. The approach is careful with the young student. Their bodies need to learn correct placement and to develop the strength to enjoy a stress and injury free dance education. 
​Intermediate Jazz Begins with stretching, stretching, then more stretching! Slowly, not forcing and always deep breathing, relaxing into the muscle. Encourage daily home stretching! There are 10 pages of warmups, floor work across the room and so on.

Pre Advanced Jazz This warmup will use many of the previous years beginning exercises however they will be performed in a dance manner. In other words by grouping the movements and using them with a floor pattern the students will learn to use the room to their best advantage. This method also takes them away from a mirror and will encourage them to begin remembering combinations and to develop muscle memory skills. 16 pages of movements, combos, skills to explore!

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Pre Dance Ballet Class begins with one of the six themed programs offered "London Bridge", or "Follow the Leader". Following with variations of jumping, leaping, free dancing, turning by using various props, tiptoeing across the floor with a curtsey to the teacher, playing pantomime games with one pantomime card set which is provided. The Star Dance or the Ballerina Doll finishes this fun with positive expectations for the next class! Pictures to color as well as games for home fun.

Beginning Dance Ballet The intro to dance begins with floor stretches and breathing exercises. Then moving to the barre for basic Plies, Tendues, Ronde De Jamb, and so forth.  Center floor is followed by across the floor. Clearly written for you, all exercises, movements and ​comprehensive lesson plans lay down a solid foundation of Ballet. Presented in a manner that familiarizes the student with the precision necessary to attain this art form yet is not forced or intimidating. Included is The Star Program for home practice.

Level One Ballet Continue using the same layout as last year, adding onto to number of repetitions and length of technique as well as adding new variations of technique training. All class plans are written clearly with easy to follow instructions.

Level Two Ballet Again, many techniques from previous classes are still useful. Breathing deep into the lungs will encourage stamina. This year we introduce the grande pliè in fourth and begin traini​ng pliè in fifth position. The average age in this level will be ten and eleven. We still want to go carefully and technically slow as to avoid injury. This is an important year when - in level three - pointe will be offered and the goal this year, as always, is to develop correct placement, strength and stamina.​


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