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My dance programs offers nine syllabi volumes to enhance, enrich, and maximize the studio experience for the teacher and the student. These proven teaching methods are indispensable tool for you and your staff, with clear step by step teaching instructions for the classroom.

Custom Studio Basics, Volume 0, offers management forms, how to track your daily enrollment and tuition, letters to parents, recitals from start to finish, poster information and more, which your business may need to run smoothly. The pages may be titled with your personal letterhead when requested.

 Volumes 1 through 4 provide the written material needed for combination classes of ballet, jazz, tap, with gymnastics replacing jazz in the Pre-Dance division.

Volumes 5 through 9 are singular art forms and classroom techniques. They offer the same written teaching format and information as in Volumes 1 thru 4.

All volumes cover a wealth of information gathered from my years as a teacher and a studio owner. Each written page is encased in a protective archival plastic sleeve then placed in a high quality three ring binder for easy removal of pages for years of extensive studio use.

Because the skills needed for dance are repetitive in nature, I found a need to introduce technique to young children in a manner which kept their interest at a peak level. Each program is an exciting and innovative approach to dance.

Also developed and introduced a new program for students in the Pre-Dance levels titled Accelerated Learning Program (ALP). This program, which is included with the Pre-Dance syllabus, challenges and groups together students with a higher than average ability than their peers to continue training and to progress without losing the interest for further study or be placed in a higher age group.

I also created and designed several card set games, Charades and Pantomime, for young students to introduce basic stage theatrics so needed in performance. The cards are an added bonus when purchasing a Teaching Dance Kit or are optional and may be purchased separately .

Then discovered the value of presenting and encouraging home practice. The successful 'The Star System', included as a bonus with a complete Teaching Dance Kit, utilizes a rewards program and is designed to supplement class throughout the week. It is a combination of dance terminology, current dance steps being learned in class, games, and other learning tools for students ages seven through twelve. This system may also be purchased separately.

About The Author

A Creative Approach to Ballet, Jazz, & Tap Dance Syllabi for Technique

and Studio Management Success
Produced and written by Margot Lynda Torbert

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I have been a certified dance Instructor, studio owner for thirty- five years and held the title of the president and a choreographer, since 1982, for the Santa Rosa and Sebastopol Ballet Companies. I am an active member of the Sonoma County Santa Rosa Ballet Guild, which awards Ballet scholarships to serious dance students through yearly auditions. Also served on the Sonoma County Dance Alliance Board and have been a member of Dance Masters of America since the age of sixteen. as well as a published author noted as a resource for dance teachers!