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This comprehensive lesson plans of Ballet, Jazz, and Tap help to lay down a solid foundation of dance in all it's forms. The programs in Beginning Dance Combination, Volume 2, are repetitive in order to provide the consistency needed to train the muscle memory.
Each thirty minute segment of Ballet, Jazz, & Tap is an ideal introduction to dance for the beginning student. It is a eighty eight page extensive program for a ninety minute weekly class to be used consistently throughout the dance year. It is presented in a manner that familiarizes the student with the precision necessary to attain this art form yet is not intimidating. 1 1/2 hour class.

​​Overview of the Pre-Dance Combination Class:

BASIC TUMBLING: Class begins on the mat with warm up stretches and basic tumbling skills, followed by a rotation schedule of mat, low balance beam, and mini trampoline skills. With guidance from you the students will reach their goals safely. 1/2 hour in length.
BALLET: Gymnastics is followed with use of 'London Bridge', 'Follow the Leader', 'Curtsey and Partners', or any of the six programs offered to introduce students to ballet movement and rudimentary dance techniques, offering an informal yet structured introduction to dance. 15 minutes in length.
PANTOMIME: Next, students play a quick miming game with colorful hand drawn laminated cards. A durable studio asset and a happy interlude children will ask for each week. These card sets are a valuable introduction to acting so needed for performance - additional sets may be ordered separately. 5 minutes in length.
TAP: Class ends with a session in rhythmic tap. This follows the theme of the monthly program chosen for the ballet section. Basic warm up skills, followed by a quick performing section incorporating song and tap dance. 10 minutes in length.

The benefit of this one hundred forty four page Pre-Dance programs are in the fact they are designed to be fully rotated semi-annually to provide a standard for years of teaching excellence.

Volume 3: LEVEL ONE 

For Graduates of Beginning Dance


 Volume O - Custom Studio Basics - Personalized

Studio Management & Dance Studio Business Plans

for Your Day to Day Office and Classes.

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Volume 4: LEVEL TWO 

The Second Year Of Dance Training.


Volume 2 - Introducing Dance lesson plans to the Beginning Dance Combination class. 

Ages seven thru twelve.


Volume 8 - Basic Tumbling for Pre Dance  


Volume 9 - The Star Program for Beginning  Dance   $55.00


"I have found Margot Torbert's teaching guide to be both clear and informative. This creative approach to teaching young students has proven to be an invaluable addition to my dance curriculum. My studio has and will continue to benefit from the use of these programs. I highly recommend it to all primary dance instructors."

Denise Devlin
Cloverdale Ballet, CA

The natural progression of this class I consider to be the true beginning level of dance. In the previous class, Beginning Dance Combo, the emphasis was on movement without forced technique.
As the muscles and bones in this age group are still developing and growing, Level One now follows through to a higher awareness of correct placement with gentle technique training. 
This sixty four page syllabus offers an intensive two hour weekly class, forty five minutes of ballet, forty five minutes of jazz with a half hour tap session.
In Level One we now begin the long journey of dance training. Encouraging the muscles to correctly remember the exercises is a slow process for the once a week dancer. Suggesting multiple classes will increase the development for each student.

​​Individual Dance Lesson Plans​

An in depth look into each dance lesson program

All volumes are included in the Kits 1 & 2 - however all

volumes of syllabi may be purchased separately

​​​One hour or more,per week per discipline, Ballet, Jazz. & Tap, should be the norm at this level. This is the year stamina and strength is developing for beginning pointe work. Depending upon how many hours a week Ballet is attended and if the age of 12 is attained, pointe might be started the next school year. The advice and training you give to this level of dancer may determine their decision to remain for further study.
This sixty one page syllabus, added to your expert input, will provides complete teaching material for the development of bone and muscle strength needed to dance safely.

Volume 5 - All Tap Syllabus -

Pre Dance, ​​Beginning Dance, Levels  One & Two  $99.00


Volume 6 - All Ballet Syllabus - Pre Dance,

Beginning Dance, Levels One & Two  $99.00


Volume 7 - All Jazz Syllabus - Beginning Dance,

Levels One & Two    $60.00


Volume 1 - Presenting Dance Movement to the Young Beginner Ages Four thru Six
with Lesson Plans for

Pre-dance Combination Classes. 


This informative volume of work, Custom Studio Basics, (CSB), is the result of over thirty years of communicating with parents. It offers eighty pages of useable information on how to efficiently manage your dance studio and has concepts for your initial studio brochure to recitals and summer classes. With usable forms, letters, ideas needed to notify your students and parents of current important news and events. When you are well organized, your studio effectively runs itself and you are viewed from a positive perspective.

With the ability to track your enrollment and tuition on a day to day, month to month, and year to year basis - this is a must have for your studio. Also provided are sample letter ideas, posters, and examples with suggestions for the day to day operation of your business along with other pertinent studio management information.

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