Volume 5  All Tap Syllabus: Pre-dance, Beginning, Level One, Level Two $75.00


Volume 6  All Ballet Syllabus: Pre Dance, Beginning, Level One, Level Two $75.00


Volume 7  All Jazz Syllabus: Beginning, Level One,  Level Two $45.00


Volume 8  All Basic Tumbling:  For beginning students - all ages, limbering exercises, 

basic mat tricks, small trampoline & low balance beam. $45.00


Volume 9   The Star Program - Home Practice Series - $30.00​  
The Star Program is a Beginning Dance Combination Supplement and  Developmental Program to Support Training. I have always had a wonderful response for this practice at home and rewards system written for all beginning dance students, not only pre-dance also teen & adults! Detailed of what is currently being learned & worked on in class, plus dance related games & art work. It takes little effort on your part to set up...students enjoy & benefit from it!​ 

​(This Volume is a bonus with a Kit purchase)

 Details for Individual Lesson Plans  - Volumes 5 thru 9

Volume 1 Pre Dance 

An introduction to dance movement and strengthening skills for ages 4 thru 6    $75.00

BASIC TUMBLING: 1/2 hour - Class begins on the mat with stretching movements and taking turns with basic tumbling skills such as forward rolls and so on, followed by a small trampoline, then balancing skills on a low balance beam.
BALLET: 10 minutes - After the tumbling section, begin dance with 'Follow the Leader' or 'London Bridge' or any one of the six ballet programs offered. Ending with a short dance.
PANTOMIME: 5 minutes - Now we sit in a circle to learn the rudimentary moves of acting.
TAP: 15 minutes - The last section of this one hour class is saved for tap. Basic technique skills from center and across the floor, finishing with a dance including song and tap.

Volume 2 Beginning Dance 

ages 8 thru teens or adults  



​                                   ​** SPECIAL NOTICES **
1 - Both Kits offer the same information, choose Kit 1 or Kit 2 according to your style of classes, combination or singular.   Kit 1 (Vol's O thru 4 + Vol 8) or Kit 2 (Vol's 5 thru 9 + Vol 0) - however any one volume of a kit (0 thru 9) may be purchased separately OR as an added bonus - yea! - all volumes are mobile - each section of a volume (0 thru 9) may be adjusted to enhance your needs. In other words if a complete Kit is not your desire now, you might order the six ballet pre-dance lesson plans, or need Level one Jazz, or any other section from any volume, it may be separated per page/section and be pro rated, This cost is $2.00 per page plus s/h.
2 - Shipping and Handling information USA: Single Teaching-Dance volumes 0 thru 9  are sent via media mail at a low cost of $5.00 per volume. 
Due to the five volume weight of Kit #1 or Kit #2, the S/H - also sent via media mail - is $12.00 per kit.
3 - Shipping and Handling information internationally: To be determined accordingly by country and will need to be discussed with the purchaser before sending your order.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at 1-707-824-1742, or e-mail margot@teaching-dance.com.  
I'll be happy to speak with you personally.

The natural progression of this class I consider to be the true beginning level of dance. In the previous class, Beginning Dance Combo, the emphasis was on movement without forced technique. As the muscles & bones at this level are still developing and growing in strength, Level One now follows through to a higher awareness of correct placement with gentle repetitive technique training. In Level One we now begin the long journey of dance training. Encouraging the muscles to correctly remember the exercises is a slow process for the once a week dancer. Suggesting multiple classes will increase the development for each student.
This sixty four page syllabus offers an intensive two hour weekly class, forty five minutes of ballet, forty five minutes of jazz with a half hour tap session. Splitting the sessions into more than once a week will be beneficial for the dancer.

Tools for Presenting and Managing Your Studio

Details for Combination Lesson Plans Volumes 0 thru 4

​Individual Lesson Plans  - Volumes 5 thru 9

This comprehensive lesson plans of Ballet, Jazz, & Tap helps to lay down a solid foundation of dance in all it's forms. The programs in Beginning Dance Combination, Volume 2, are repetitive in order to provide the consistency needed to train the muscle memory. Each thirty minute segment of Ballet, Jazz, or Tap is an ideal introduction to dance for the beginning student. It is a eighty eight page extensive program for a ninety minute weekly class to be used consistently throughout the dance year. It is presented in a manner that familiarizes the student with the precision necessary to attain this art form yet is not intimidating.

1 & 1/2 hour class.

 Volume O 

Managing Your Classes and Studio $75.00 

Volume 3 Level One 
Graduates of Beginning Combo

 Studio Management and Dance Studio Business Plans 

for Your Day to Day Office and Classes.

This informative volume of work, Custom Studio Basics (CSB), is the result of over thirty years of communicating with parents. Offering eighty pages of valuable information for efficiently managing your dance studio - from concepts in your initial brochure to recitals & summer classes. Many usable forms, letters, ideas, posters, examples, & suggestions to notify your enrollment, returning or new, of important current news & events. When you are well organized, your studio effectively runs itself & you are viewed from a positive perspective. With the ability to track your enrollment and tuition on a day to day, month to month, & year to year basis - Volume 0, is a must have for your studio. 


One hour or more, per week per discipline, Ballet, Jazz, or Tap should be the norm at this level. This is the year stamina & strength is developing for beginning pointe work.​ Depending upon how many hours a week Ballet is attended and if the age of twelve is attained, pointe might be started the next school year. The advice and training you give to this level of dancer may determine their decision to remain for further study.
This sixty one page syllabus, added to your expert input, will provides complete teaching material for the development of bone and muscle strength needed to dance safely.

Volume 4 Pre Pointe Level Two 
The Second Year Of Dance Training.