​Innovative Basic Ballet, Jazz, Tap, 

& Beginning Tumbling Lesson Plans


encouraging rapid skill development

for your students. 

​Here are our Complete Teaching Dance Kits

1. Challenge & motivate any level of dancer to develop new creative dance techniques while reinforcing existing skills!
2. Encourage rapid skills development with lesson plans in either combination or single focus classes. For a once-a-week class or multiple classes that captivate your students!
3. Successfully introduce mime, beginning tumbling, stretching techniques, & theatre strategies to your students.
4. Learn the same time saving & cost-effective dance studio business & management techniques as well as important extra time to develop your advanced classes! These steps have proven to be real lifesavers for me over the 25 years I've owned a studio!  
5. Attractively presented in a sturdy three ring binder, each written page is encased in an archival plastic sheath to increase long term use. Offered to you on standard size white paper for easy reprinting or resizing, the information is ready for you to print out in multiples with current information for your teachers & clients.​

Teaching Dance Kits #1 and #2

​​​​​Looking for new interesting ways to present dance to your students? This complete Teaching Dance Kit #1 or Kit #2 will help you! By combining my knowledge & experience from thirty five years of teaching, while maintaining a successful studio, along with your knowledge & training, a Teaching Dance Kit will offer dance lesson plans & studio management tips that will present new ideas to keep your students returning to your studio week after week!

Those of us who have chosen to teach dance are in it for the long term! That's what you will discover in each Teaching Dance Kit - long term successful teaching! Packed with practical suggestions & exciting ideas to add into your classes for beginning dancers. 

My written dance lesson plans are useable month after month, year after year! You will learn the basic technique methods of teaching dance which will be useable in your studio for as long as you teach! 

​                                                                        KIT # 1  -       $395.00   
   Written Dance Lesson Plans for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Pre-Dance Basic Tumbling,

           in a  Combination Class Format & Studio Management Information.
VOLUME 0 - Custom Studio Basics, Managing & Presenting your studio.
VOLUME 1 - Pre Dance Lesson Plans, ages 4 to 6 - Ballet, Tap, Basic Tumbling,

                   & Pantomime.
VOLUME 2 - Beginning Dance Lesson Plans, ages 7 to 12 - Ballet, Jazz, & Tap.
VOLUME 3 - Level One - Dance Lesson Plans for Graduates of Beginning Dance -

                    Ballet, Jazz, & Tap.
VOLUME 4 - Level Two Pre Pointe Dance Lesson Plans for Graduates of Level One -

                    Ballet, Jazz, & Tap.

                                           KIT #2  -      $395.00

 Singular Technique Class Format & Studio Management Information.
VOLUME 0 - Custom Studio Basics, Managing & Presenting your studio.
VOLUME 5 - All Tap, Pre-Dance, Beginning, Level One & Level Two
VOLUME 6 - All Ballet, Pre-Dance, Beginning, Level One & Pre Pointe Level Two
VOLUME 7 - All Jazz, Beginning, Level One & Level Two
VOLUME 8 - Pre- Dance Basic Tumbling 

1- My Star Program Motivational home practice package - a $55.00 value!
2- One Set of 24 Pantomime Cards - a $25.00 Value!
3- Dance notes for Pre-Dance & Beginning Dances & where to order the music,
along with costume ideas & notes for seven years of recital themes! $19.95 value!

"My name is Gay Barboza. Last year I purchased Volumes 5,6,&7 which were an excellent supplement to our dance program. Sometimes you get used to using 'the same old exercise', it's nice to to have a syllabus to refer to with good suggestions. It's also reaffirms what you're teaching is correct for the right age level. Thank you so much, I look forward to using more of your syllabi!"

Gay Barboza, Attleboro, MA
April, May & June's School of Dance

"Hi Margot,
Thank you so much for sending me the Teaching Dance Kit that I ordered :)
I wanted to let you know that I was so excited the day the Teaching Dance Kit arrived! Everyday, I enjoy reviewing the material and keep thinking about the dance program that I run and how I want to definitely make some changes for the upcoming season.
Thank you for your attention to detail and quality in the Teaching Dance Kit. I am grateful that we have people like you who produce and contribute wonderful dance curriculum.

Gretel's Dance Studio, CA

P.S. I will love to keep you posted on how my classes progress with this new program. Will that be ok with you?"