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​​​ Testimonial:​
Hello Ms Torbert;
I have, to date, gone through two of the five notebooks, and the material is very well-organized. I look forward to reviewing the other three notebooks. 
Thank you for all the time you put into this curriculum, and your desire to share same with others.

Toni Higgins-Thrash, Dance Education Coordinator, 
Northbrook School of Dance, North Brook Park District


Welcome to dance kit programs

for teaching 

Ballet Jazz Tap   ​

​Ages 4 thru Adults 

​ Tools for Easy Teaching and 

Managing Your Studio



 $295.00 + S/H ​(Payment in full)​


 use our monthly installment plan of four equal payments

With Pro-rated S/H included  

Written Dance Lesson Plans for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Pre-Dance Tumbling. Presented in detail, you will receive a five volume set in Combination Class Format PLUS Custom Studio Management.

VOLUME 0 * Custom Studio Basics, Managing & Presenting your studio.
VOLUME 1 * Pre Dance Lesson Plans, ages 4 to 6 - Ballet, Tap, Basic Tumbling, & Pantomime.
VOLUME 2 * Beginning Dance Lesson Plans, ages 7 to 12 Ballet, Jazz, & Tap.
VOLUME 3 * Level One - Dance Lesson Plans for Graduates of Beginning Dance Ballet, Jazz, & Tap.
VOLUME 4 * Level Two - Pre Pointe Dance Lesson Plans for Graduates of Level One Ballet, Jazz, & Tap.


$295.00 + S/H(Payment in full)

OR use our monthly installment plan of four equal payments

Pro-rated S/H included 


Singular Technique Class Format PLUS Custom Studio Management.

for teachers specializing in individual art forms.

VOLUME 0 * Custom Studio Basics, Managing & Presenting your studio.
VOLUME 5 * All Tap, Pre-Dance, Beginning, Level One & Level Two
VOLUME 6 * All Ballet, Pre-Dance, Beginning, Level One & Pre Pointe Level Two
VOLUME 7 * All Jazz, Beginning, Level One & Level Two
VOLUME 8 * Pre- Dance Basic Tumbling 

#1 My Star Program Motivational home practice package - a $45.00 value!
#2 One Set of 24 Pantomime Cards - a $15.00 Value!
#3 Dance notes for several Pre-Dance & Beginning Dances & where to order the music,
along with costume ideas & notes for seven years of recital themes! $20.00 value!

                                                           ​** SPECIAL NOTICES **
1 All five volumes are included in Kit 1 (O-4 +8) or Kit 2 (5-9 +0) - however any one volume of a kit (0 thru 9) may be purchased separately OR as an added bonus - yea! - all volumes are mobile - each section of a volume (0 thru 9) may be adjusted to enhance your needs. In other words if a complete Kit is not your desire now, you might order the six ballet pre-dance lesson plans, or need Level one Jazz, or any other section from any volume, it may be separated per page/section and be pro rated, This cost is $1.50 per page plus s/h.
2 Shipping and Handling information USA: Single Teaching-Dance volumes 0 thru 9  are sent via media mail at a low cost of $5.00 per volume. Due to the five volume weight of Kit #1 or Kit #2, the S/H - also sent via media mail - is $12.00 per kit.
3 Shipping and Handling information internationally: To be determined accordingly by country and will need to be discussed with the purchaser before ordering.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 1-707-824-1742, or e-mail margot@teaching-dance.com.  I'll be happy to speak with you personally.