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​Welcome Dance Teachers & Studio Owners;


​​​Innovative Dance Lesson Plans for Teachers of  Ballet, Jazz, Tap, & Basic Tumbling 

*pre-dance thru pre-pointe*

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    Hello Ms Torbert;
   I have, to date, gone through two of the five notebooks, and the material is very well-organized. 

   I look forward to reviewing the other three notebooks.

​  Thank you for all the time you put into this curriculum, and your desire to share same with others.

  Toni Higgins-Thrash, Dance Education Coordinator, 

  Northbrook School of Dance, North Brook Park District

​​As teachers, we teach for the love of dance. And that's what these dance lesson plans are offering you and your students ... excellent, long-term, exciting, "Love to Teach" - "Love to Learn"

classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Basic Tumbling.

If you have any questions about my lesson plan packages or what they include, please do not hesitate to

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I'll be happy to speak with you personally.

All the best,
Margot Lynda Torbert

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All written contents by Margot Lynda Torbert © 1998

​​.​​​After 35 years as a Certified Dance Instructor, thru Dance Masters of America, I realized it was time to compile all of my time-tested and proven creative dance lesson curriculum and dance studio business management plans into a comprehensive lesson plan kit that absolutely ANY dance teacher - new or experienced - can successfully use to teach dance to any age group (children thru adults)!


1 - Challenge and motivate any level of dancer to develop new creative dance techniques while reinforcing existing skills!

2 - Encourage rapid skills development with lesson plans in either combination classes or single focus classes. For either a once-a-week class or multiple classes that captivate your students!

 3 - Learn the same time saving and cost-effective dance studio business and management techniques that have proven to be real lifesavers for me over the years! 

4 - Successfully introduce mime, beginning tumbling, stretching techniques, and theatre strategies to students.

5 - Time-saving ideas that will give you extra time to develop your advanced classes!

6 - Attractively presented in a sturdy three ring binder, each written page is encased in an archival plastic sheath to increase long term use. Offered to you on standard size white paper for easy reprinting or resizing, the information is ready for you to print out in multiples with current information to your clients.

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